Modasa-Nadiad Highway: Six Dead in Gruesome Accident

| Updated: May 21, 2022 2:59 pm

A horrifying accident near Modasa-Nadiad Highway between two cars and a truck took the lives of six people. According to the people passing by, it was a dreadful incident. Afterward, there were ten kilometres of traffic jams on the highway. 

The reports narrate that two cars and a truck collided head-on-head on the Modasa-Nadiad Highway on Saturday, May 21. After the collision, the chemical-laden truck broke out into a fire. Due to this, the other vehicles caught fire which created a pool of smoke. All the six people in the cars died on the spot of the accident. A fire brigade rushed to the incident spot and attempted to flush out the fire. After a great struggle, the firefighters brought the flame to control, but the team couldn’t save the passengers. People around the incident were scared, as per the reports. 

As the news of the accident reached the fire officers of Mamlatdar, they also rushed to the location. According to the fire officials, the fire had swallowed the vehicles in its flames. Then, the officials put out the fire using water cannons and recovered the burnt bodies from the cars. 

The RTO official said that the accident happened between a truck and two cars. The former was carrying explosive chemicals that resulted in a fire. However, the truck driver was alive as he jumped out of the vehicle as soon as the fire broke out. The officials found one car driver dead in front of a car. 

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