Monkeypox Virus Becomes The Next Potential Danger After Corona

| Updated: May 21, 2022 2:02 pm

European and North-American nations have reported dozens of cases of monkeypox on Saturday. Monkeypox, a virus that passes from infected animals to humans, has been detected in many people in Europe and America. The World Health Organisation’s health officials coordinated with the nations’ governments over the new outbreak.

The most recent country to report a case was Canada. The WHO suspects that Canada has more than a dozen cases. Earlier, Spain and Portugal detected more than 40 verified cases. In addition to this, Sweden and Italy have also reported their first case on Saturday, May 21. Moreover, the United States detected its first case of the disease on Friday, May 20.

Since May 6, Great Britain has also reported nine cases. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention mentions the absence of monkeypox cases for 40 years before they reappeared in Nigeria in 2017.

About Monkeypox

Monkeypox dates back to 1958 when scientists discovered it in monkeys kept for research purposes. However, the world witnessed the first human case of monkeypox in 1970, a decade later. The rare viral infection is similar to human smallpox.

The disease spreads by infected animal bites, touching an infected animal’s blood or body fluids. The infected animal can be a rodent, such as rats or squirrels. It is also likely to catch the disease from eating an improperly cooked meat of an infected animal.

As per the WHO health officials, sexual contact can also spread the disease. The WHO mentions that many people who have tested positive for monkeypox belong to the LGBTQ community. The common symptoms of monkeypox in humans are fever, muscle, lesions, and chills.

There is no proven vaccine or standard treatment for monkeypox. However, doctors can treat general symptoms with prescribed doses of certain medicines. The patient has to stay in isolation to prevent the further spread of the disease. It takes 5 to 21 days to notice the infected person’s symptoms.

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