NMC Seeks Data on Suicides Among Medical Students

| Updated: October 3, 2022 5:32 pm

The National Medical Commission has constituted an Anti-Ragging Committee with Dr Aruna V Vanikar, President, Undergraduate Medical Education Board (UGMEB), as the chairperson of the committee. In its first meeting on September 27, the committee reviewed complaints regarding ragging and expressed concerns over incidents of suicide and suicidal tendency.

In a letter signed by Aujender Singh, Deputy Secretary, Post-Graduate Medical Education Board (PGMEB) and Member Secretary, Anti-ragging Committee, medical colleges have been asked to submit via email the information regarding suicides by students in the last five years.

The letter dated September 30 is addressed to all principals and deans of all medical colleges and institutes. The National Medical Commission (NMC) has sought information regarding the issue of suicide, resignation, and the working hours of medical students by October 7.

Previous studies have indicated that suicidal ideation is prevalent in medical students. The factors related to school admission processes and medical school environments contribute to this high prevalence. The consequences of suicidal ideation include suicide attempts and completed suicide.

The committee decided that all the medical colleges need to submit the following information for the last five years:

 (i) Number of students who have committed suicide during the last 5 years (department-wise with respect to PG students).

(ii) Number of students who have left College/Institute during the last 5 years (department-wise in respect of PG students).

(iii) Details regarding the working hours and weekly off given to students.

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