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No Action Against Addor Aspire Builders Even 72 hours After 7 Labourers’ Death.

| Updated: September 17, 2022 10:27

The rich can get away with anything. Including murder and negligence that can lead to death.

Fingers are being pointed at Ahmedabad police who has been found guilty of siding with builders responsible for the death of seven labourers in their plush under construction site in Navrangpura. The police is reportedly shielding the builders and have failed to nail any of the 12 builders of Addor Aspire 2, a construction company. A make shift life collapsed at the site killing seven labourers and injuring two. All except one labourer were tribals from Panchmahals district in Gujarat. One was from Rajsthan. None of the labourers were wearing safety gear which is mandatory for all working on construction sites.  The tragedy struct in the morning around 8.30 but the builders informed the police only after 11 am. They tried to do “damage control” and “settlement”. A senior police officer in know of the case that falls under Gujarat University police station told Vibes of India that “the builders to some extent have been successful in their endeavour to manage things. The tragedy clearly shows that the builders are at fault. They should be booked for manslaughter but because only an accidental complaint has been filed, no action has been taken against the builders.”

The builders involved in the Addor Aspire 2 case are Ashish Shah, Vikas Shah(both brothers), Bharat Zaveri,Jagdishchandra Kalia, Pallavi Kansara,Rameshchandra Kalia,Rahul Kalia, Kailaschandra Kalia, Nilesh Kalia,Nitin Sanghvi, Parul Zaveri and Vipul Shah. After much pressure from general public and media, the police on Saturday morning has begun a search for these builders. All the builders have gone underground with several of them having flown out of Ahmedabad. At least two builders, police sources said, could have also flown out of India.

According to information gathered by Vibes of India, the builders are trying to save their skin by trying to tamper evidence and establish that these labourers got drunk, had a brawl and killed each other. “Agree they were poor people but they were not mad to kill each other”, a police officer who says he is aggreived that efforts are being made to pass off the case as an accidental death.

The Gujarat University police told Vibes of India on Saturday morning that none of the 12 builders listed as owners and directors in the scheme have approached the police. The police has rounded up a contractor and two sub contractors. The police admits that though they have rounded up these three people, they have failed to furnish any evidence of their employment or association with Addor Aspire 2 construction work or the management. The police admit that it is impossible that there is no documentary evidence to prove a connection of the contractors to the site. It could be a ploy on part of builders to have convinced the contractors or sub contractors to own up their mistake on behalf of them, claims another senior police officer.

Two of the builders are trying to flaunt their Jain connections with a former Chief minister while another builder earlier tried to impress the police by claiming he was close to an important minister who represents a constituency in Surat. The local BJP MLA Rakesh Shah who is never seen anywhere had also rushed in defence of these rich builders.

It must be noted that Addor builders were also involved in the death of three labourers at their Cloud scheme earlier during Covid but they had “managed to settle” that case.

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