Not Just Any Brick In The Wall, Amdavadi Brothers Take Each Building Block Seriously

| Updated: April 5, 2022 4:39 pm

Each brick counts. And Ahmedabad-based Prajapati brothers are literally building their business brick by brick. From a mosque in Dubai to a Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi, and idyllic weekend homes belonging to Bollywood celebrities, Harihar Bricks is the name behind the bolstered architectural masterpieces.

Hemal and Ronak, jointly own the family business. However, their risk taking with innovation has led not only to quality products but to bricks embossed with beautiful motifs and customised designs.

“Our kiln manufactures around 210 varieties of bricks. Some are specific to the exterior facade while some made for interior decor. We use 100 percent natural clay bricks,” share the successful entrepreneurial duo. Their company exports bricks to countries in Europe, Middle-East, Australia and Dubai.”

“We have supplied high-quality bricks to a mosque in Dubai and currently, we are supplying it to the first Hindu temple to be built by BAPS in Abu Dhabi,” shares Hemal.  

Explaining that high quality is associated with Harihar Bricks, Ronak adds: “Quality is our forte. We do not compromise on quality and consistency. A little over six months ago, we supplied the entire brick requirement for Hrithik Roshan’s weekend villa at Khandala. Our list of esteemed clients includes actors, politicians and business tycoons.”

Keen on business expansion, the brothers are in unison when asked about future plans. “A bigger plant fitted with an increased number of kilns,” they say, with the final word that “some of the most beautiful contemporary pieces of architecture has been made possible by Harihar Bricks.”

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