Piproni Gets Its First State Bus Service Since Independence, Tribals Thank BJP MLA Jitu Chaudhry

| Updated: January 9, 2022 1:29 pm

This reads like an unbelievable story. Number one because it is from Gujarat and number two because it is from Gujarat. Piproni village is a remote non-descript village in Kaprada taluka of Valsad district. “I thought I will die without seeing a bus”, a 93-year-old villager who identifies himself as Dada told Vibes of India. Piproni saw a State Transport bus coming to their village for the first time ever. The village which has Pincode number 523606 welcomed its first ST(State Transport) bus today, thanks to their MLA Jitu Chaudhry. Jitu Chaudhry is a BJP MLA. The headquarter of this small village is called Burvad where the gram panchayat sits. The total geographical area of the village is less than 733 hectares. Not more than 1169 people live in the 197 odd houses in the village. The entire population is tribal in this village. Till now, we had to use our private vehicles or those paid lorries for transport. With this, not only our life style but our economics and education levels will also improve, Kanji, a villager said.The nearest town to Piproni is the hotspot tourist Silvassa which is about 12 km away. Silvassa is a union terroritry.

The total geographical area of the village is 732.63 hectares. Piproni has a total population of 1,169 people. There are about 197 houses in Piproni village. Silvassa is the headquarter of the union territory Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Piproni is a part of Valsad, the bellwether seat of Gujarat. It is said that whoever wins Valsad from Gujarat forms the Government in Delhi.

Morarji Desai was  from Valsad. He challenged Indira Gandhi and became the Janata prime minister in the post-Emergency election of 1977. That year, Valsad, then known as Bulsar, also chose a Janata candidate. It was from this year till now that Valsad has always chosen what the Nation chose as the ruling party. Valsad chose to vote for Janata Dal in 1989, and to everyone’s surprise, the Janata Dal formed the government in Delhi, making V.P. Singh prime minister. In the 2019 Loksabha elections, BJP’s K C Patel won the Loksabha seat. Piproni falls under Kaprada taluka which chose Congress leader Jitu Chaudhry. But he, like several other Congress leaders in Gujarat, left Congress before a Rajyasabha election in 2020 and cast his vote for BJP in the crucial Rajyasabha polls where Congress was aiming at winning two candidates Bharat Madhavsinh Solanki and Shaktisinh Gohil.

Bharat Solanki lost. Those who won included Abhay Bhardwaj, Ramilaben Bara and Narhari Amin from the BJP and Shaktisinh Gohil from Congress. Unfortunately, Abhay Bhardwaj died of Covid before he could attend a Rajya Sabha Session.

The entire Piproni district was decorated. Jitu Chaudhry said this was his gift to the village on the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Jitubhai took the first ride along with several villagers. A villager said he travelled on a boat for school for his secondary education because no bus services were available and there was no higher secondary school in the village.” We will all again vote for Jitubhai Chaudhry”, at least 100 villagers said in unison thanking the BJP for providing the first State transport bus service to the tribal village since independence.

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