PM Wows G20 With Gifts From Gujarat, HP

| Updated: November 17, 2022 1:38 pm

PM Modi welcomed world leaders to the G20 Summit with gifts that celebrated Indian culture and the arts, mostly from Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, where assembly elections are going to take place.

Joe Biden was given miniature paintings by Kangra artist Modi that show a representation of love called “Shringar Rasa” against a natural backdrop. The master painters from Himachal use natural colors to create the Kangra miniature paintings. 

He gave UK Rishi Sunak “Mata Ni Pachedi,” a handmade Gujarati textile meant to be an offering in the temple shrines where the Mother Goddess is worshipped. Its name is derived from the Gujarati words “mata,” which means “mother goddess,” “ni,” which means “belonging to,” and “pachedi,” which means backdrop.

PM Modi gave the leaders of France, Germany, and Singapore an agate bowl made of chalcedony-silica, which was discovered in the riverbeds of Rajpipla and Ratanpur’s underground mines. Agates’ versatility allows craftspeople to transform the stone into a wide range of products. Agate can be used in both home decor and fashion jewelry.

 He gave the Italian prime minister a Patan Patola dupatta that was presented in a lovely “sadeli” box.  The intricate motifs on this dupatta are inspired by the ‘Rani ki vav,’ a stepwell in Patan built in the 11th century AD and known for its precision and beautiful sculptural panels. 

Pithora paintings from Gujarat’s Chhota Udaipur were India’s gift to Australia. These paintings depict tribal cave paintings that represent their social, cultural, and religious beliefs. 

A Kanal brass instrument that is used in some Himalayan regions of India is over a meter long and was given to Spain. Over a meter long, the Kanal brass instrument was given to Spain and is used in some Himalayan regions of India. It is utilized during ceremonial events like the village deity procession. It could also be used to welcome state leaders. These vintage musical instruments were made in Mandi and Kullu. 

Modi gave a silver bowl from Gujarat and a Kinnauri shawl from Himachal to the host nation, Indonesia. The silver bowl was created by Surat metalworkers. The extra-weft weaving method is used to create the shawls. Modi has used the tradition of giving gifts to world leaders to highlight India’s rich artistic heritage by giving them items related to India’s various regions. 

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