Dog Charged for ‘Getting Lost’ by Bangkok Police

| Updated: May 21, 2022 4:40 pm

Dogs are the cutest of all animals but do you know that dogs can be criminals as well? One such incident is winning people’s hearts over the internet. In Bangkok, police on Monday charged a little pup for getting lost.

On 16th May, officers of Lumpini Police Station in Bangkok were informed about a lost golden retriever roaming around on the street of Withthayu Nuea Road. Soon the cops went looking for the owner of the puppy. When they could not find the actual owner the pup was brought to the police station.

The cuteness of the pup couldn’t even stop the cops from being mischievous. The officers took a mugshot of the puppy where they charged the pup for “Getting Lost” like an actual criminal’s mugshot, the pup’s mugshot displayed time as well as place. This incident was shared by the Bangkok Police on their Facebook page where they even shared images of the Golden Retriever.

The owner of the puppy was found out on Tuesday evening and the pup was reunited. The cute puppy belonged to a 24-year-old Chinese man named Gu Qin Yuan. Gu admitted that he lost his pup while hetook his dog out for a walk at a park. Gu told the cops that he was about to file a report but saw his pups images going viral on the internet.

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