Remembering JFK On His Death Anniversary: The Mysterious Assassination Of Price Who Became President Of USA

| Updated: November 23, 2022 12:42 pm

There was also a President in the history of America who never lost any election. He was a President that came the closest to the idea of a prince in American democracy. He holds the record of being the second youngest President of America, but his assassination shocked the whole world. His name was John Kennedy. John was President for 2 years, 10 months, and two days. He became the 35th President of America at the age of just 43. He was murdered on 22 November 1963 in Dallas, US state of Texas, when he was going in an open car.

Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated US President John Kennedy, was arrested by the police. Two days after his arrest, Oswald was assassinated by a Kennedy supporter. This incident shocked the whole world, but this incident gradually turned into a mystery, which could not be solved to date.

After the assassination of Kennedy, Oswald was tried and before new things came to light, he was murdered. Oswald was accused of killing Kennedy, but even after the arrest, the reason for the President’s death could not be clarified. This high-profile case was investigated. The FBI, the Warren Commission, and the House Select Committee on Assassination officially issued findings stating that Oswald was the killer.

Oswald was shot and killed by Kennedy supporter Jack Ruby two days after the accusation. After this many things came to the fore. Some people believed that the connection of Kennedy’s assassination was related to Cuba. Lee Harvey Oswald did this to please Fidel Castro, the then Prime Minister of Cuba. At the same time, many people believed that Russia’s intelligence agency was behind the assassination of Kennedy.

At the time of Kennedy’s assassination, a woman was also seen there, who was called ‘The Babushka Lady’. Even today there are pictures of that woman. At the time when Kennedy was shot, the woman had a camera-like pistol in her hand. However, to date, the real identity of that woman could not be known. Nor has it been known whether the revolver in his hand was a camera or a pistol. After many such things came to the fore, the mystery of Kennedy’s assassination deepened. As a result, the reason for his death has not been clarified to date.

Kennedy was born on 29 May 1917 in Brooklyn, USA. His father was among the most successful people in America. His business was spread from field industry to the stock market and banking. In 1938, the father reached Britain as America’s ambassador and 21-year-old Kennedy also accompanied him as his secretary.

Kennedy joined the Navy in 1941 after studying at Harvard University. This was the period when the Second World War was going on. His brother died in the war. After leaving the Navy in 1945, he made a new start in politics. In 1946, he contested and won the first election. 

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