Security Beefed Up Around Mukesh Ambani’s Residence Antilia Following Movement Of Suspects

| Updated: November 12, 2021 1:30 pm

Security has been beefed up around Antilia in Mumbai following reports of suspicious movements by some people around Mukesh Ambani’s residence. A taxi driver called the police and said that two strangers approached him to inquire about Mukesh Ambani’s residence.

Mumbai police had received information that two persons were asking for Mukesh Ambani’s address after which the CCTV footage of surrounding buildings was also checked. Reportedly, a Scorpio car packed with explosives was found in front of Mukesh Ambani’s house in February after which the owner of Scorpio mysteriously died under suspicious circumstances.

“We were called by a taxi driver and told that strangers were asking about Mukesh Ambani’s residence,” police said.

Police further said that the people asking for the address had a large bag in their hands and the taxi driver then immediately informed the police.

The driver’s statement is yet to be recorded and senior officers are monitoring the situation.

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