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Six Exercises That Are Great Stressbusters 

| Updated: March 22, 2024 13:33

Apart from walking, swimming, dancing and martial arts are great ways of reducing stress levels

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress levels and improve your physical, mental and emotional health. The question is selecting a form of exercise that you like and enjoy doing. This will ensure that you are more regular in your exercise routine.  

The 2023 issue of the ‘British Journal of Sports Medicine’ carried a review of studies that revealed that  aerobic activity, resistance training, mixed-mode and mind-body exercises can all reduce psychological distress and anxiety and in adults.

Exercise can relieve stress in many ways. It distracts you from your anxieties, decreases muscle tension, improves your mood and boosts resilience.  

Here’s a look at some great stress-relieving exercises: 

Walking: Brisk walking stimulates the release of endogenous opioids that are produced in the brain that gives a sense of comfort. Walking can help you think and get things in perspective. One study found that walking for 30 minutes a day for eight weeks improved perceived stress.

Jogging or running: Running or jogging can improve mood and. This could be because getting your heart rate up increases the availability of neurochemicals like serotonin which improve mood. 

Yoga: Breathing exercises in yoga relax the body and decrease your reactivity to stress. Yoga also improves mindfulness, self-compassion and spiritual well-being – all of these reduce stress.

Swimming: This activity stimulates the release of feel-good brain chemicals like endorphins. Being immersed in the comfort of water can also lead to a relaxed state after a swim. Moreover, the rhythmic nature of the activity can also lead to a trance-like state of relaxation. 

Dancing: Moving your body to music you like is inherently joyful and cathartic. Also, if you dance along with other people, the socialisation brings a sense of belonging and support that can reduce stress and anxiety. Latest research has revealed that Zumba, Ballroom and Salsa dancing are very good for improved mood.Martial arts: Taekwondo, tai chi, qigong and other martial arts have been shown to relieve stress and improve well-being. Besides triggering the release of endorphins, martial arts also encourage people to practise controlled breathing techniques and meditation.

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