Six Arrested In Halvad Salt Factory Mishap, Special Investigation Team Assigned

| Updated: May 21, 2022 2:29 pm

The police investigation has revealed that the foundations were not filled in the wall of Sagar Salt which claimed the lives of 12 workers in Halwad GIDC. The police have formed a Special Investigation Team to investigate this incident. District police chief Rahul Tripathi addressed a press conference and confirmed that the irresponsible ones have been arrested.

The district police chief said that on the 18th at around 12 noon Halwad GIDC Twelve workers were killed when the wall of a salt factory wall collapsed. Apart from 12 deaths, two workers were injured. Taking into consideration the seriousness of the situation, the Director-General of Police and Chief Police Officer, Gandhinagar, instructed the Inspector General of Police, Sandeep Singh of Rajkot Division, to visit the spot and conduct a thorough investigation into the incident.

According to which SOG Police Inspector JML, PSI PG Panara, RB Taparia, and SOG and LCB, as well as Halwad police staff, have been jointly included in the seat by Morbi District Police Head.

Along with the formation of the Special Investigation Team in this incident, the accused, Afzal alias Jivo Alarkhabhai Ghoniya, Warisbhai alias Devo Alarkhabhai Ghoniya, Atmaram Kishanram Chaudhary, Sanjaybhai Chunilal Ashara, Manojbhai Revabhai Chhanura, and Ashikbhai were arrested.

It is to be mentioned that during the visit of FSL, Revenue Department Factory Inspector of the accident site, the wall collapsed one by one. The wall had no beams and the columns or bases were laid directly on the floor. The factory owners, managers, and supervisors were very well aware that the wall was very weak. However, salt-filled sacks were piled up to a height even higher than the height of the adjacent wall.

The wall collapsed as sacks of salt rubbed against the wall. Due to this 9 workers, 2 child laborers, and 1 young child lost their lives. As well as a general injury to a child worker and a serious injury to a worker in which case an offense has been registered against the factory owner, managers and responsible persons as per sections 308,304,114 of IPC and section 3 (a) and 14 of the Child Labor Prohibition and Rules Act. Further investigations are being carried out by the Special Investigation Team and the statements of the family members of the deceased workers as well as immediate reports have been sought from various government departments.

This operation was carried out by LCB PI MR Godhania, SOG PI JML Police, Halwad PI KJ Mathukia, LCB PSI NB Dabhi, NH Chudasama, SOG PSI PG Panara, and Halvad PAI. RB Taparia, VR Shukal and police staff.

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