Special Operations Group Catches Suppliers of Cannabis Cookies 

| Updated: June 25, 2022 12:15 pm

A team of Gujarat Anti-Terrorist Squad and Gandhinagar Special Operations Group, had confiscated cannabis-infused cookies on June 18 from Chicken Chulha restaurant in Bhat Village of Gandhinagar. The cops had also taken hold of 16 units of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol ), the primary ingredient of cannabis and CBD (cannabidiol), a compound found in the cannabis plant.
The cookies have been traced to Himachal Pradesh, and the police believe that they have been bought through the Dark Web.

Two residents of Ahmedabad, Jaykishan Thakor aged 28 and an arts graduate along with his friend Ankit Kulhari, a 26-year-old BBA degree holder were arrested by the Police. The narcotic substances seized by the police weighed 294.5kg and were priced at 41,000.
A third person was found guilty, Rushabh Vaishanv aged 25 from Nikol Ahmedabad. Upon questioning him, it was revealed that they had got the cannabis-containing cookies from Himachal Pradesh. In order to keep their tracks surreptitious, dark web had been used, and the payment was done in cryptocurrency. They did not even know the names of the suppliers from whom they were purchasing. Taking such steps ensured that there were no digital footprints left.

Cops have been going through the call logs of the accused, so as to learn more about their contacts, in case it offers further information. Sources in police reveal that the accused were involved in the narcotics business for at least 4 months. They have traced the accused’s last order of about 20 grams which was ordered 2 months ago. The seemingly normal-looking cookies which cost between Rs 4000 and Rs 20,000  were actually made from cannabis oil.

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