Surat Crime Branch gets Hold of Accused After 2 Years of Searching 

| Updated: August 3, 2022 2:26 pm

The Crime Branch of Surat has arrested an accused with a quantity of Rs 3.52 crore. Earlier in 2020, 564 kg of ganja from the Pune area was seized. In 2021, 1009 kg of ganja was seized. In this time, name of Dilip Gowda from Orissa also came up in the supply of ganja. Hence, the search for him had been going on for 2 years. 

Surat Crime has finally arrested drug mafia Dilip Gowda. The crime branch received information that the accused was arriving in Surat to perform a ritual of a relative. Accordingly, a watch was kept on him and he was taken away. 

Dilip is accused of cultivating ganja in Odisha and then supplying it throughout the country on a large scale.
In the last two years, 3500 kg of ganja has been sent to Gujarat. Surat Crime Branch seized 564 kg of ganja from the Pune area in 2020 and 1 thousand 9 kg of ganja in 2021. 

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