US First Lady Jill Biden Liplock Kamala Harris’s Husband  

| Updated: February 8, 2023 8:16 pm

US First lady Jill Biden kissed Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff on the lips ahead of the State of the Union Address on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

The video was shared by journalist Benny Johnson on Twitter. “Did Jill Biden just kiss Kamala’s husband on the LIPS?.”

In the video that has gone viral on the internet, US First Lady Jill Biden is seen entering the hall. As soon as she came next to Doug Emhoff, the two bent towards each other to greet and ended up giving a kiss on “the lips”. 

The gesture made by the two could be the result of confusion. However, the after the video went viral on the internet, social media was flooded with reactions to the viral State of the Union moment.

Some people were seen sharing the video and criticising the First Lady for her actions. “Jill Biden kissed Kamala Harris’ husband on the lips. The State of the Union is now a reality show,” tweeted one Twitter user.

Meanwhile, this is the second State of the Union address of US President Joe Biden after losing the US House of Representative majority. 

During his address, Joe Biden made key announcements on several issues ranging from the China threat to Russia. He said that America will act on China’s threat to its sovereignty while addressing the Chinese ‘spy’ balloon issue.

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