US President Joe Biden Falls off Bike, Immediately Gets Up 

| Updated: June 19, 2022 11:18 am

Joe Biden took a fall while riding his bicycle near his beach home in the state of Delaware Saturday morning. Fortunately, no worrisome injuries due to the accident have been reported. He told the small crowd of people and reporters who had gathered that he had lost his balance as he tried to pull a foot out of the bike clip.

A video from a White House pool report demonstrates the same. The 79-year-old President did not wait for an eye’s blink before getting up from the fall and declaring “I’m good.”

He was reportedly biking with his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, in a state park near their beach home when the entire incident took place. He had apparently paused to talk to some onlookers when he lost his balance and fell

A White House official revealed that there was no need for any medical attention and the President happily looks forward to spending the rest of the day with his family. Considering he is the oldest US president, talks about his health are constantly a topic of discussion. It is a mystery awaiting whether he will continue to seek a second term in 2024

His health was also a focal point of discussion in 202, when he broke a foot after the election but before entering office. He had apparently broken it, while playing with his pet German Shepherds

Biden took some questions from reporters on Saturday. When inquired if he was satisfied with progress on gun legislation- after the mass shootings in Texas and New York, he replied he was contended with the action of his home state,whicht had passed a ban onassault-styleassault style weapons.

Talking about China, he declared he would be speaking to Chinese President Xi Jinping soon. He also said he was still reviewing and considering the decision about Trump-era tariffs, which might be mitigated to ease inflationary pressures.

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