What If I Could Stop Time?

| Updated: June 9, 2022 1:20 pm

Everyone craves some specific superpower, and so do I. I wish to stop time whenever I want to because I wish to complete my homework and play! On a serious note, this will give me more time to deal with problems as I can resume anyone I want when the time has stopped.

I want this superpower because, in the modern hustle-bustle, everyone wants some peace of mind. But, the bombardment of work and less time made us forget to enjoy our lives. We cannot even think of going out during weekdays. I feel that this power will help me pause the time and get some me-time. It will also help me get recharged.

I could use this power to save people on their deathbeds. If there is a missile attack in the country, I can use my ability to stop and destroy it. This way, I can prevent casualties and save my country. 

If I have a superpower and something wrong happens, and I do not do something about it, I am the reason behind the crime. So I would try to use my power for good. Moreover, I can also help scientists research complex theories like revolution and rotation by stopping time. I would get my power stars and the astral world as I can directly access it. When all the constellations fall at the right place, my power will increase, as I would be able to stop the time for a longer duration.

Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibilities.” I would never misuse my powers to serve wrong purposes. It becomes exciting if you have such a superpower, and I can use it for society. 

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Mithilesh Khandwala, Class 7, Anand Niketan School, Satellite Area, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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