You Are Never NOT Okay!

| Updated: November 3, 2022 6:30 pm

Where do most of the suffering in life come from?

It comes from thinking that we are not okay.

And the reason why somebody could think that they’re not okay is because something has happened in the past that shouldn’t have happened that way

Or something might happen in the future and they don’t want it to happen that way

Or they want something to happen in the future, but it might not happen that way


Right now life should be different.

The underlying feeling of that is “I am not okay right now. Where I am right now, it’s not okay.”

And I want to make the argument that if that thought shows up that is exactly the sign that things ARE okay and everything IS okay.

And here is why…

The only reason somebody can think that they are not okay right now is if they’re THINKING.

And if they’re thinking they are not fully present right now.

They’re either in the past thinking about the past, or they’re in the future thinking about the future all happening in their thoughts…

…while they are not present.

But the only reason they can think freely about the past and the future – and have the experience of things not being okay right now is if right now – RIGHT NOW – they’re okay.

The only reason why they could be in free thought, ruminating about what is not okay in their life is if it’s okay right now.

Because if they are truly NOT okay right now – they know it. They don’t “think” about it. It’s literally their state of being.

Example: If someone is being tortured right now they are not okay and they are in fight, flight, or freeze (stress) response.

Quite literally they don’t have access to rational thinking. They are surviving.In addition to that, they are in pain.

And one of the biggest qualities of pain is that it brings people to the present moment.

Another example: A person who is having thoughts about their life not being okay – we can be almost certain that right now they are not literally surviving and truly not being okay.

So I hope you see why every time you think “Life sucks. It’s not okay. I don’t want it to be this way” – you are actually quite okay.

Radhika is the Founder of Circle of Hope that is an online community that imparts Hope and Healing to the world. She is the Co-Founder of Gaia The Portal, a platform that serves as a one-stop solution for Holistic Wellness

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