Ahmedabad Railway Station to get Rs4000 Cr Makeover

| Updated: April 29, 2022 12:52 pm

Ahmedabad’s Kalupur railway station will get a complete makeover as it will be redeveloped at a cost of Rs4,000 crore. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has instructed the local railway authorities to complete the work within the stipulated 5 years. Vaishnav  also directed to form a coordinating committee with the state government. This committee will focus on resolving issues that will come up during the redevelopment of the station. The officials will also be meeting every month to discuss and find solutions for issues expeditiously. This project is believed to have been handed over to Railway Land Development Corporation (RLDC).

According to sources, the railway ministry has prepared plans to redevelop several other stations in the country, in order to provide more facilities to the passengers. With the development of Ahmedabad railway station, passengers will be able to enjoy several other facilities like gardens, hotels, malls, booking area and many more.

Furthermore, Vaishnav held talks with the railways and local authorities regarding the redevelopment projects. He had recently visited Ahmedabad station, inspected the plan and asked for the project to commence as soon as possible. He assured that the funds will not be a problem, but the project should be completed within five years. He noted the most important thing is that people will get the facilities soon so that their journey can be made a little more easier.

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