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Thumb Sucks

February 18, 2022 15:48

Parenting is like an exhausting, never-ending marathon wherein you have to continually tailor the baby’s routine to grow with the child. Just when you’re set with the three naps cycle, it’s time to drop down to two naps. After struggling to get the baby to drink from the bottle, it’s time to wean them off […]

Top Ten Travel Books

February 6, 2022 16:16

The beauty of good literature lies in its ability to carry us miles across mountains, seas, and fjords, all with a single paragraph. It makes our imagination soar in the sky and plunges it into the deep depths of fantasy. The beauty of a good travel book lies in the fact that its evocative and […]

First Wicket Partnership- Parenting Edition

February 3, 2022 19:48

We stand at an interesting crossroad, with one leg firmly in the past and the other stepping into the future. As a country rife with contradictions, one may find themselves vacillating between the past and the future with equal ease. We Indians have strong views about everything from religion, culture, politics, gender norms, education to […]

Teething Troubles

January 21, 2022 23:58

Your baby starts inching towards toddlerhood when his gummy smile transforms into a toothy grin. The first tooth arrives after the six-month mark, but the process of teeth eruption may start as early as four months. It only ends around the three-year mark once they have a complete set of teeth. These are known as […]

Truthfully Books: Top Ten Winter Reads

January 14, 2022 21:33

Top Ten Winter Reads As the temperature reaches single digits outside, it is the perfect time to cosy up with a warm book. The following is a curated list of fiction, non-fiction and even some poetry included for good measure to keep you entertained and indoors for longer. Some new and some old reads that […]

Baby Led Weaning – The Indian Edition

January 7, 2022 17:03

Imagine going to a restaurant with your sixteen-month-old. How do you think your meal would pan out? Perhaps you would take out a prepacked home meal from the diaper bag and proceed to painstakingly feed your distracted toddler for thirty minutes while your food gets cold. Perhaps you’d offer them your phone so that they’ll […]

Top 10 Books of 2021

December 30, 2021 18:24

As this year comes to a close, I have curated a list of the ten most thought-provoking, unputdownable prose that you should carry with you to the new year. A mix of novels and memoirs, the indelible quality of writing have contributed to making these books not only the best of this year but perhaps […]

A Solid Start

December 24, 2021 21:12

A definite milestone in a baby’s life is the day they get introduced to solid food. Before six months of age, a baby’s diet consists primarily of breastmilk, formula or a combination of both. Once they get a start on solids, they begin inching towards toddlerhood, and it’s goodbye to the newborn stage. When introducing […]

Manual – Sleep Training Edition

November 6, 2021 13:50

Once you’ve decided to leap into the sleep training pond, you will be hit by a cold wave of information. There are several techniques that can be used. The route you choose entirely depends on your baby’s temperament and what you personally feel comfortable with. The journey to positive sleep associations is not linear; it […]

Top 10 Philosophy books of all time

October 29, 2021 17:15

Philosophy as a subject is proof of the evolution of human beings beyond hunters and gatherers to becoming the most powerful organisms in the world. This title was not won by brawn but by brainpower. The idea that humans can think, analyze and use these thoughts to govern their decisions overriding their primal instincts, is […]

Sleeping Like A Baby

October 21, 2021 21:08

Let me start by saying that no one sleeps worse than a baby. I don’t know how this phrase originated, but it’s all lies. After three months of sleep deprivation, new parents ask themselves whether they will ever get a good night’s rest again. Not to fear, all is not lost. It is at the […]

Top 10 Memoirs Of All Time

October 18, 2021 11:56

To write a memoir isn’t just about opening up one’s life to the readers, but it serves as a map to one’s soul. It is their account of the incidents that punctuated their life. Memories forgotten, dusted off and then recounted in a way utterly endemic to them. Below are the memoirs that encompassed the […]

Lifelong Duel: Motherhood And Sleep

October 9, 2021 20:41

Recently I came across a curious term – ‘Momsomnia’ referring to the procrastination mothers do after their babies are asleep. Instead of catching up on much-needed sleep themselves, they watch Netflix, read a book or spend hours scrolling through social media. It is a form of insomnia in which mothers become so accustomed to checking […]

Top 10 Self-improvement Books Of All Time

October 3, 2021 12:42

Over time the perception of self-help/ self-improvement books has changed substantially. What started as an impulse purchase at an airport stall has now become the source of people’s life philosophies and mantras. Nuggets of wisdom are readily available through the condensation of the author’s life or astute observations. It offers an alternative path and often […]

Breast is Best?

August 13, 2021 21:04

Breastfeeding is considered to be one of the most natural and beautiful aspects of motherhood. A cherished moment of intimacy between a mother and a baby cementing their bond. But is it the easiest aspect of motherhood?  Not really. Contrary to what popular media would like you to believe, breastfeeding is not a simple linear […]

The Top 10 Thrillers of all time

August 6, 2021 21:06

It is an aspect of the human condition – the need to be enthralled, to have adrenaline coursing through the veins, to have the heart skip a beat. For most of us, fortunately, our lives are pretty humdrum, so we search for this excitement elsewhere. Be it by jumping out of a plane mid-air or […]

Parenting trap with Devanshi Shanay Shah

July 30, 2021 19:22

I was wondering what would be an appropriate first article for a parenting column? Perhaps it’s wise to start from the very beginning? Once upon a time, there was an egg and a sperm. No, I’m just kidding. There is no need to go that far back. But I do see value in addressing this […]

Top 10 Classics of all time

July 16, 2021 15:25

What makes a novel a classic? It’s the stories that stand the test of time. That can be read decades later and still hold significance. Some prose holds relevance momentarily but can feel dated later, but a classic transcends this. It has its brand of universality and readability. The truly challenging part of curating this […]

Truthfully Books

July 12, 2021 18:31

You can never start reading too early with your kids. As a newborn, it ensures one-on-one bonding time with the baby and exposes their brain to accelerated cognitive development. Your child’s brain is like a sponge; the younger they are, the quicker they can soak in information. Reading introduces rhythm, vocabulary, inflections of tone and […]