Coal Scam Worth Rs6000 Crores In Gujarat

| Updated: February 23, 2022 7:25 pm

In the latest update, a coal scam of nearly Rs6000 crore has come forth in Gujarat. It has been alleged that in the past 14 years, many agencies sold coal at a higher prices to industries in other states. This coal was intended for small and medium-sized industries in the state. It is believed that the coal never reached the industries it was extracted for.

In earlier report by a vernacular publication, the coal was intended to be sold to small and medium level industries in the state at around Rs 3,000 per tonne but it was illegally sold to industries in other states at a higher price of Rs 8 to 10 thousand per tonne.

In a tweet this morning, Congress General Secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala expressed his disbelief over this scam. He alleged Gujarat government of a scam worth Rs5000-Rs6000 crores, involving 60 lakh tonnes of coal . He said so much coal came from the mines, but how could it have disappeared. He also said how 3 of the 4 private companies authorized by the BJP government actually had fake addresses.

Surjewala also implied that this scam is much bigger than the fodder scam and insisted that it is thorough investigated. He said it is necessary to know who all are involved in this scam.

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