Netizens Shower Love On J-Hope On His 28th Birthday

| Updated: February 19, 2022 5:27 pm

BTS member J-Hope ushered in his 28th birthday on Friday.

Born Jung Ho-seok (Korean: 정호석; February 18, 1994), he is better known by his stage name J-Hope (stylized as j-hope). This South Korean rapper is also a songwriter, dancer and record producer. The South Korean rapper, born in South Korea’s Gwangju, was the third member to join BTS as a trainee after RM and Suga in 2013.

BTS ARMY is currently trending the birthday boy on multiple social media platforms and creating a storm on the internet with loads of heartfelt wishes. Calling it a “Hobi Day,” a combination of J-Hope’s last syllable with ‘I’, fans are leaving no stone unturned for their ‘Hope,’ the singer’s nickname.

Members of the band shared their nuggets about how J is a source of inspiration for them all. RM was all praises for his energy levels, while adding: “He lightens up the atmosphere. He shares half my duty and whenever we have a stage show, J is our go-to for motivation,” as RM put it in an online interview.

For Jimin, stardom has happened because of J’s persistence and strength. “When any of us is going through the blues, J takes charge. Depression can be so corrosive but he makes sure that we are all happy in our space,” added V. 

In fact, J-Hope at his masseur best is seen oft giving team members a head massage after the performances. Fans fondly recall how after Jimin fainted at a fan meeting in Osaka in 2015, J-Hope relieved the ARMY by sharing a video: “He is sleeping and I am taking care of him.” Little wonder then that Suga has baptised J-Hope “portable charger.” The duo is called SOPE. 

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