Hollywood Is Deeply Impacted By Racism: Actress Danielle Deadwyler

| Updated: February 8, 2023 7:48 pm

Danielle Deadwyler, a US actress, stated that racism “seriously impacts” the film industry after not a single black woman received an Oscar nomination for best actress this year.

Deadwyler anticipated receiving praise for her role in the drama Till. She did not receive a nomination, as did Viola Davis, who was also heavily anticipated to be nominated.

According to Deadwyler, racism in society has a “trickle-down influence” on numerous organisations in American culture. The actress performs the role of Emmett Till’s mother in the film Till. Emmett Till was a 14-year-old black kid who was lynched in Mississippi in 1955 after being accused of whistling at a white woman.

Deadwyler said, “Cinematic history is 100+ years old. I would dare say the system is deeply, deeply impacted by systemic racism that has shaped our country.”

“And if we’re still dealing with systemic racism in this country that is leading us to the loss of a Tyre Nichols, that carries us from the loss of Emmett, there is a trickle-down effect of how racism impacts our lives – from the educational system to the film industry to everything, any part of quotidian American life,” she added.

Since Deadwyler received high recognition for her work in Till, many people predicted that she would be nominated for the best leading actress at the upcoming Academy Awards. 

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