Indian Couple’s Unique ‘One Pizza A Month’ Wedding Contract

| Updated: July 19, 2022 8:22 pm

A video of a ‘contract’ that an Indian couple signed during their wedding made headlines and quickly became popular on social media for its unique subject.

The hilarious list of dos and don’ts compiled by the newlyweds’ friends is not legal.

However, the 16-second video of the bride and the husband signing the document has received 45 million views since posted on June 22, after the wedding day.

Such contracts have been written by a bride, a groom, or friends numerous times. But this recent video has gained interest mainly for the first item on the list: “only one pizza a month.”

The advice is targeted at Shanti Prasad, a 24-year-old bride marrying Mintu Rai, 25, her college sweetheart, in a traditional ceremony in Guwahati in the northeastern province of Assam. Among her friends, she is known as ‘a pizza freak’.
“Her love for pizza is second only to her love for Mintu. I think she thinks about pizza in her free time and even sleeps,” says Raghav Thakur, the mastermind behind the wedding contract and a mutual friend.

The contract, which emerged the week before the wedding, also stated that Mintu would prepare the Sunday breakfast. And accompany her shopping every 15 days, and refrain from attending late-night celebrations without his wife.
Shanti also had to agree to limit her pizza consumption. In addition, wear a sari every day since, according to Raghav, “Mintu says she looks beautiful in a sari.”

But what began as a joke among friends quickly became viral on social media. The video went viral after the photography company posted it on Instagram, receiving millions of views and likes.

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