Indian Fan Writes Heartfelt Letter To BTS’ Jungkook

| Updated: June 28, 2022 5:22 pm

The most pristine member of South Korean band BTS, Jungkook, made his debut as the lead vocalist in 2013. When Jungkook saw current BTS member and leader RM at BigHit MUSIC, he decided to join the organization as a trainee, and the rest is right in front of our eyes!

Charlie Puth and Jungkook collaborated on the song “Left and Right,” which was released recently.

Jungkook’s fan following has extended to our nation as a girl named Shazia writes a letter to Jungkook. She called Jungkook multi-talented and continues to highlight his down-to-earth personality. Furthermore, she wishes him all the success in life.

Dear Jungkook,
Hey, I’m a normal girl from India. I really don’t have words to explain how incredible and amazing you are. It was about a day when I got to know that angels exist on earth too, yeah, this is also true, when I was not familiar with [the] word BTS, [the] true meaning of BTS, not familiar with 7 normal boys from Korea. When I got to know about BTS, I got the inspiration to lead a happy life, love ourselves, [and] believe in ourselves. Nothing matters, I think, if we have belief in ourselves then one day we’ll be able to do it. No one can stop us, every person who’s leading a successful life today was one day making it worth it, and that’s all we need to try. BTS was not that popular, not that much familiar to the people before, but nowadays if anyone of us talks about Korea, the first thing [that] comes to everyone’s mind is about BTS.
I got to know about you in 2020. I know I met you very late, but I promise to support and love you till my end. I’m really lucky to have you all, you guys are like a rainbow in my life, but actually rainbow has color, but you guys show us the true meaning of each color. Nothing’s gonna change, even if someday, anyone will take your place, the love and respect for you all [that] each army has, [it’s] never gonna change, we’re always here to support you all.

My bias is you, Jungkook, you’re multi-talented no doubt, and yeah, you worked really hard each time to give your best. The way you treat every member of your team is so lovable, [and] the way you respect everyone makes me fall for you more. I’ll love you endlessly and infinitely till my end, I wish you all the luck and success in life. I know it’s really hard for me to meet you, but doesn’t matter, however much time it’ll take, I’ll try my best to reach there, and I’ll meet you one day for sure. Saranghae Kookie <3


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