Jimin Pens Emotional Note On Weverse

| Updated: May 19, 2022 12:09 pm

The chosen title “Proof” runs deep. Now after V and Jin, BTS member Jimin has shared his “Proof of Inspiration” video. Jimin chose to go with the numbers “Filter” and “Friends” for the upcoming anthology. His candid chat on Weverse adds how his friends are always there while the fandom is “proof” of their existence. What else could ARMY have wanted?

 In fact, he went a step further and called the ARMY his fellow BTS members. “I wanted Filter and Friends to be included in this album. I wanted to live up to ARMY’s expectations and show them many different sides of myself. And I still have many different colors left to share. I might have come across as being colorless instead of colorful if I’d accommodated myself to other people’s ideas without having a distinct hue of my own. But my ‘Friends’ — the members and ARMY — were always there to help me remind myself of what my essence is and keep myself centered. You are my proof,” he said.

As he read out his emotional letter to the fandom, especially about his “friends,” unseen pictures of his memorable moments from BTS’ recent concerts played on screen. Jimin picked out his favorite picture of each BTS member and featured it in the video, making the “Proof of Inspiration” all the more special. Jimin also gave fans a closer look at his “Youth” and crescent tattoos.

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