Netflix To Start Streaming SAG Awards In 2024

| Updated: January 12, 2023 11:03 am

With the most recent development, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, also known as SAG Awards, are making news. These renowned awards were created to honour the best actors and actresses in movies and television. According to the most recent sources, the OTT juggernaut Netflix has entered into a multi-year collaboration with the Screen Actors Guild Awards, which are presented by the Federation of American television and radio artists. As a result, Netflix’s YouTube site will host live streaming of the eagerly anticipated 29th SAG Awards.  

Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, National executive director of SAG-Aftra said, “We are thrilled to embark on this exciting new partnership with Netflix, and we look forward to expanding the global audience for the show. As the only televised awards program exclusively honoring the performances of actors whose work is admired by millions of fans, the SAG Awards are a unique and cherished part of the entertainment universe.”

On February 26 at 8 pm, the Netflix YouTube channel will broadcast the Screen Performers Guild Awards of 2023, which are being held to recognise the greatest performances of both individual actors and ensembles over the last year. From the next year, 2024, the Screen Actors Guild Awards will be streamed live on Netflix.

Bela Bajaria, the Global TV head of Netflix said, “The SAG Awards are loved by the creative community and viewers alike. And now, even more fans around the world will be able to celebrate these talented actors. As we begin to explore live streaming on Netflix, we look forward to partnering with SAG-AFTRA to elevate and expand this special ceremony as a global live event in 2024 and the years to come.”

The Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists established the SAG Awards ceremony in 1952 to recognise the best work in movies and prime-time television. In 1995, the ceremony, which honours both individual performances and the entire cast and crew of television shows and movies, became one of the most well-known occasions in the Hollywood industry. On February 25, 1995, the first-ever SAG Awards ceremony was broadcast live from Stage 12 of the legendary Universal Studios. 

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