Netizens Divided Over Hauling Food Delivery Apps For Higher Rates

| Updated: July 6, 2022 8:20 pm

Life changed when just about everything could be ordered in. So much so that going out for a meal is now restricted to special occasions. For the usual change from home-cooked meals, it is usually a Zomato or Swiggy delivered parcel.

Not entirely oblivious of a “hidden cost” of the delivery, not many would have taken the trouble to compare online and off-the-counter prices. But user Rahul Kabra did. He also posted images of a Zomato order bill and the offline bill of the same order. The difference in the total was striking.

His orders were from “The Momo Factory”- and comprised a vegetarian black pepper sauce, vegetable fried rice and mushroom momo. “I am doing an apple to apple comparison to online vs offline order. Here is what I noticed: Cost for offline order = INR 512. Cost for Zomato order = INR 690 (after applied discount of INR 75). Cost escalation 34.76% per order or INR 178.”

Kabra added: “Assuming Zomato brings visibility and more orders to the food service provider, should it charge such a high price?”

The post soon caught the eye of many other users who voiced their opinion for and against the pricing practices followed by food aggregators. With more than 10k likes, the post garnered thousands of comments like:

“It will be better if they keep the menu as same and take their charges separately. At least there will be no grievance with the users.” 

Another user added: “The difference with US-based food delivery apps like Doordash is that they maintain the same price as restaurants for the food items. However, they charge a separate delivery fee/ delivery and other taxes. That way there is transparency and the customer knows exactly what he is paying more for.”

However, many people did not agree with these opinions and spoke in favour of the pricing policy of food delivery apps.

One user commented, “Agreed but.

1. You didn’t account for delivery costs. Most restaurants do not deliver anymore.

2. For takeaway, there is a fuel cost.

3. Plus my time, cost to go and pick up food or wait for delivery without any time assurance.

4. Also, it’s not always the case. I just bought stuff for INR 930; the store sells it for INR 2100+.”

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