Not Just The Dingucha Family, One More Feared Dead

| Updated: March 15, 2022 1:02 pm

After the Dingucha family was found dead, it is speculated that one more have succumbed to death in an urge to travel illegally. A lady from Mehsana was traveling with the 11 member group along with the Patel family from Dingucha, who is speculated to be dead after she suffered frostbite. They were trapped due to a snowstorm and later went missing. The Patel family was then found dead.

Dingucha, Mehsana

The woman, identified as Priyanka Kanti Chaudhary from Ghatlodia in Ahmedabad city, was traveling on fake identity and documents, police suspect that she originally hails from Gozaria town in Mehsana. A police officer who is currently in the investigation process said that these 11 members had landed in Toronto on January 12th, from there they were on their way to Manitoba with the help of human smugglers and were expected to cross the Canada-US border on the 18th of January but the four members were found dead. These four got separated from the group.

The other seven members, Varshil Dhobi, Arpit Patel, Prince Patel, Sujit Patel, Yash Patel, Priyanka Chaudhary, and Mahesh Patel, were arrested along with the agent Steve Shand. According to the reports, a female and a male adult were taken to the hospital as they were suspected of having frostbite.

The male was released after the treatment but the female was shifted to a bigger hospital for her amputation of one hand. She stopped breathing while they were on the way to the hospital, her condition had deteriorated later. Later she was moved to Pembina, North Dakota, and after which to a much bigger hospital in some other state but she succumbed to death on January 20 or 21st. 

After the Dingucha family incident, the police started investigating extensively and found out the call recordings of this woman’s family, discussing her death which made it clear that she was traveling on forged documents. The officers had also visited her family and friends but none of them were ready to talk about this incident.

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