PM To Endorse Sadhguru’s “Save Soil Movement” On June 5

| Updated: June 4, 2022 12:35 pm

World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated annually on 5 June and is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action towards protection of the environment. In India, to mark the day, saplings are distributed free across the country at various government venues and by NGOS. This year, PM Modi will participate in the “Save Soil Movement” on June 5 at Delhi’s Vigyan Bhawan.

“Save Soil Movement” was launched by Jagadish “Jaggi” Vasudev, better known as Sadhguru, to increase awareness about deteriorating soil health and bring about a conscious response to improve it. In a bid to popularise his campaign, the 64-year-old yoga guru embarked on a 100-day motorcycle journey March 2022, starting from London’s Parliament Square. The entourage has already crossed Europe and the Middle East, mapping 27 countries, en route to India. The aim: to raise awareness about global warming and to work upon ideas to heal Mother Earth.

After a series of events scheduled in key cities along the way, the trip will land in Delhi to coincide with World Environment Day on Sunday. Sunday marks the 75th day of the 100-day journey. The number is significant as it reverberates with India’s 75th year of Independence.

PM Modi’s participation in the programme will be reflective of the shared concerns and commitment toward improving the health of the soil in India, according to the Prime Minister’s Office.

First held in 1973, WED has been a platform for raising awareness on environmental issues such as marine pollution, alien overpopulation, global warming, sustainable consumption and wildlife crime. World Environment Day is a global platform for public outreach, with participation from over 143 countries annually. Each year, the program provides a theme and forum for businesses, non- government organizations, communities, governments and celebrities to advocate environmental causes.

This year’s the theme is “Only One Earth” focussing on “Living Sustainably in Harmony.” Sweden, the host country for the 49th World Environment Day, recently concluded (June 2-June 3) a high-level international meet with support from UNEP and partners.

The meet “Stockholm+50: A Healthy Planet For All” thrashed out ideas to save the planet, with emphasis being on a climate action in place to retard global warming.

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