Rahul Gandhi Requests Party Members to Not Celebrate his Birthday Amid Protests

| Updated: June 19, 2022 10:46 am

Congress Leader and Wayanad MP, Rahul Gandhi has urged his party workers and well-wishers to not throw any huge celebrations for his birthday on June 19. The reason behind this appeal is that the youth of the country are protesting against the Center’s Agni path scheme and hence, in order to show their support, Congress would stand with them.
A message was posted on Twitter by All India Congress Committee (AICC) general secretary (communications) Jairam Ramesh on behalf of Gandhi which said that the country’s condition demands concern considering the protests in several parts of the country that have spiked against the Agnipath scheme. The message further said that the youth was in anguish and we, as Congress party members should stand with them.
He requests his well-wishers to not undertake any celebration in his name this year, in support of the Youth.

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