Rajkot woman accuses BJP MLA

| Updated: February 18, 2022 10:34 pm

Rajkot woman accuses BJP MLA Govind Patel of being involved in land scam. A woman from Rajkot city has accused BJP MLA Govind Patel of misusing his power to convert her disputed family property into non agricultural category.

In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Central Bureau of Investigation, Premiben Tapubhai Parsana, who lives near Morbi Road, Rajkot, has alleged that Govind Patel took interest in her disputed family property worth Rs 100 crore and turned agricultural land intnon-agriculturalal. She has accused the MLA of being involved in a land scam.

Premiben alleged that the BJP MLA took personal interest in the matter and used his political clout to change the stand of the Collector office. After his intervention, the Collector office gave go ahead to a non agricultural certificate. Premiben has alleged that Govind Patel’s brother is carrying on with construction on her family property.

After the death of her father Tapubhai Arjanbhai Parsana, Premiben’s brother Muljibhai Tapubhai Parsana made a forged will with bogus thumb prints of her father which she challenged in court. The case is pending before the court. Since the matter is sub judice, Rajkot Collector in 2015 and 2017 rejected her brother’s application to get a Non Agricultural certificate for the land.

What is strange is that Govind Patel has levelled corruption charges against Rajkot city Police Commissioner Manoj Agarwal. Acting on his complaint, Rajkot city crime branch recently initiated an inquiry against the Police Commissioner.

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