SC Slams Nupur Sharma Says Her Loose Tongue Has Set The Entire Country On Fire

| Updated: July 1, 2022 12:48 pm

The Supreme Court on Friday slammed suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma as the apex court said that she should apologize to the nation as her statement has led to the horrific incident in Udaipur.

Suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma has petitioned the Supreme Court to transfer all FIRs filed against her in various states in connection with her controversial remark to Delhi for investigation. Sharma claims she is constantly threatened with death.

According to the Supreme Court, she has “threatened the national security.”

The Supreme Court criticised Nupur Sharma and ordered her to apologise to the entire country. According to the Supreme Court, she and her loose tongue have set the entire country on fire. The Supreme Court blamed her outburst for the unfortunate incident in Udaipur, where a tailor was murdered.

The Supreme Court also slammed TV channels along with Nupur as it said that what is the business of the TV channels to discuss the matter which is sub-judice.

As her advocate told the SC about the threat to her life, Justice Surya Kant questioned she has become a threat or she has become a threat? The way ignited emotions across the country, she is single-handedly responsible for what is happening in the country. 

The apex court has questioned Delhi Police about their action in the matter as the court observed that on her complaint a person was arrested but despite multiple FIRs Delhi Police hasn’t taken any action on her.

The apex court further said that, there should be a red carpet for Nupur to join the investigation as in other matters accused are arrested by the investigating officers.

The SC has refused to give immediate relief to her and have asked her to approach the High Court in the matter.

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