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| Updated: May 13, 2022 1:14 pm

Vibes Of India is back with the list of happening and most amazing events and workshops close by to you with Social Calendar, Do check out these events share them with your friends with whom you think you should attend those events.


 1: Hunar By Vishalla

A series of curated Workshop which will focus on the traditional craft of local artisans in collaboration with Studio Tara this workshop should be in your must visit list as it offers learning “Textile Folk Craft and Ceramics”

Learn eco-friendly prints and textures, Natural dyeing, hand block printing, hand embroidery, dialogue with clay, Puppet production and Traditional folk toys also learn about Gandhiji’s Charkha.

When: Staring from 15th May

Where:  Vishalla Open Arts Gallery, Ahmedabad

Tickets and Registrations: Call on +91 9825397139


2: Heritage Ride with Ali

An 10km bicycle ride which offers unique experience to witness amazing architectures of walled city “Amdavad”, Get chance to relive the vibrant heritage culture of the walled city along with veteran tour guide and historian Mohammed Ali Turner

In this amazing event hosted by MYBYK with joint collaboration of Walkipedia you will get cycle from the venue along with the Complimentary Refreshments.

When: 15th may, 6:30 am onwards

Where: MYBYK hub, Sardar Bridge, Ahmedabad

Tickets and Registrations: At All Events


3: Bas, Ghar Hi To Jana Hain (Drama)

A play which tells the story of Migrant crisis which occurred during pandemic lockdown in 3 languages will give you close experience of those suffered lives who hustled their way to their home while entire country was locked up at home.

A play written and directed by Aaditya Trivedi is “ Yet A story which needs to be told so that we can not forget!”

When: 15th May 6pm onwards

Where: Prayogshala, Ahmedabad

Tickets and Registrations: At All Events


4: Workshop on Zendala Art

“Zendala” a combination of two creative art forms “Mandala” and “Zen Pattern” which increase focus and concentration also helps in releasing stress and anxiety by cultivating mindfulness and creativity, Zendala workshop will be conducted by Sunil Siddhipara who himself is a Zendala Practicing artist.

This workshop offers learning of Zendala and no artistic background is required for the workshop, Learn how to make zendala and witness the change in your routine life

When: 14th May 11 am onwards

Where:  Prithvi Art Celebrations, Ahmedabad

Tickets and Registrations: call on +91 9925549865


 5: United States of Pada ni Pol

The most celebrated drama of the amdavadi pol culture “United States of Pada ni Pol” is written and directed by award winning dramatist Saumya Joshi, The rib tickling drama keeps the audience seated and serves hours of laughter

When: 14th May 8pm Onwards

Where: Bucky Gallery and Diner, Ahmedabad

Tickets and Registrations: At All Events


6: Haseeb Khan Live Standup Comedy

Recently emerged youtube sensation Haseeb Khan is known for his humorous Anecdotes and self jokes, get chance to witness him performing live as Haseeb is on his india tour.

When: 13th May 7pm onwards

Where: The Footlight Theatre, Ahmedabad

 Tickets and Registrations: At All Events


 7: If 6 Was 9 Open Mic

An open mic with handpicked musicians, Comedians and poets from the city of ahmedabad this Open mic event is an second edition hosted by Gigman. Do visit this event and support your local artists.

When: 13th May, 6pm onwards

Where: Drift, Ahmedabad

Tickets and Registrations: At All Events


8: Murder Mystery 101 – English Comedy Play

Written and Directed by Mananash Desai the play is a story set up of one room with one murder and four suspects, An genre comedy play offers amazing performances by the performers as they seek the murderer by serving rib tickling humour

When: 13th May 9:30 pm onwards

Where: Prayogshala, Ahmedabad

Tickets and Registrations: At All Events


If you have an interesting event coming up, share it with us and get it featured in our Social Calendar. Send us your event details and pictures at 7069083310 or email them to us at

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