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| Updated: April 14, 2022 11:26 am

From Fashion to fitness, From Workshops to Business,  Here are some varieties of events and workshops we have chosen for you this week, Do take a look and tell us what more you want us to offer you in our Social Calendar


Summer Collection Preview & 3 Year Celebration of Mudita Patel Design Studio

WHITE ARRAY- This collection is  entirely made in shades of white colour. It is special because it is FASHION WITH A PURPOSE. It breaks the stereotype that you need to wear a dark colour to conceal your body to look of a certain shape and size. The designs are done keeping in mind the hot weather but also bodily problems of pregnant and middle aged women who face issues of bloating and irrgeular shapes & structures. All the garments are comfortable, form flattering & made to give confidence to the wearer but at the same time keeping in mind their problem areas.

When And Where ?

5:00 PM To 7:00 pm on 15th April at 6, Nandi Hill. Jodhpur Tekra. Opp ISRO. Satellite Road. A’bad


Maatimaniac Brings you a workshop filled with knowledge, practice, and fun for your kids as This workshop aims at introducing the participants to the  technic of clay pinching along with a hands on experience at the Potter’s wheel.

When and Where ?

4pm to 6pm on 16th April 2022 at 079|STORIES Ahmedabad

– Artist Studies: Icons of India

A workshop desinged for Budding art enthusiasts 8 years and above to Learn to critically analyse & appreciate artists, including 4 iconic artist of India BY Rhea Virani in an event organized by The Hive

Over 4 separate workshops, participants will first understand what is an artist study, and how to identify and analyse the characteristic traits of an artist. They will then evaluate the works of 4 acclaimed Indian artists – S. H. Raza, Nandalal Bose, M. F. Hussain and Jamini Roy.

When and Where ?

The 4 week weekend Workshop will start from 16th april

For registration and more information Visit

–  Decoding Growth Opportunities for Startups in Unlocked India

A Business Hosted by Headstart Ahmedabad will “Decode Growth Opportunities for Startups in Unlocked India” where Founders from Ahmedabad who have grown 10x in the pandemic will talk about all challenges faced during the Covid-19 Pandemic and how these challenges were converted into opportunities for them

When and Where ?

6.00 P.M Onwards on 16th April at CIIE.CO, IIM-A New Campus, Ahmedabad

For registration and Tickets

– 5 Costly Mistakes First-Time Authors Make For Book Publishing

A Event designed for budding and aspiring authors this workshop focus on to make participants Learn The 5 Costly Mistakes First-Time Authors Make For Publishing Their Book in a Masterclass by Susmita Dutta CEO and Founding Partner of Global Book Publishing

When and Where ?

Online event which will start at 8:30 PM  to 11:30 on 16th April

– #AskAjaySir

An Online event for aspirants of Travel tourism and Aviation career, This Live OPEN for all Q&A Session with Aviation industry veteran and ITTI Director Ajay Kurseja will be focused on possibilites and job for the people interested in joining the travel industry and Aviation industry.

When and Where ?

Online event will start at 11:30 Am Onwards on 17th April

-The Hoop Flo Tour – Summer Edition – Basics with Eshna Kutty

Learn the Hoop dance with Eshna Kutty with learning The basics of hoop dancing! this workshop promise to make even a newbie hoop dancer to feel a part of the hoop community. By the end, of the workshop Participants will be able to not only know the techniques of hooping on their waist and different parts of the body but also learn a sweet hoop dance combo with a few tricks

When and Where ?

5PM Onwards on 17th April at Misbehaving Beautifully – The Studio at Ahmedabad

– India Virtual Marathon

In a Virtual Marathon event organized by omega events Run / Walk or Cycle at your own Place and share screenshot of Timing app on organizers whatsapp number and get a Medal delivered to you

When and Where ?

05:00 AM onwards at 17th April in Ahmedabad

For registration

– Kahaaniya: Ek Sundar Duniya

In a 6 sessions workshop participants will Develop pre-reading skills, language, and a love for stories. Focusing on  children’s imagination this workshop will give them an opportunity for expression, and boost their confidence as it introduces children to the stories of India – real and imaginary, and encourages them to express themselves creatively.

When and Where ?

The 6 Session workshop will start from 18th April

For registration and more information Visit

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