Spider-Man seen Sweeping Roads in Nigeria

| Updated: April 19, 2022 3:36 pm

Nigerian environmentalist Jonathan Olakunle was seen sweeping the roads by disguising himself as the superhero Spider-Man, from Marvel Comics, to help clean the streets of densely populated  Osogboa city of Nigeria

Osogbao city is considered to be highly polluted city of osan state, Jonathan Olakunle an Nigerian environmentalist also known as  Nigeria’s “SpiderMan” has decided to fight alone, without any government help, his motto is to reverse the situation and raise awareness among the citizens of the city Osogbao.

Jonathan Olakunle wears Spider-man dress and talks to the citizens and tries to convince them not to litter and pollute the city and also ask their help to clean the streets. The reason of putting on spider-man suit is to draw people’s attention towards him.

Jonathan wants to clean streets to stop the spreading of diseases as there are high number of cases of the diseases like  Cholera, Malaria and Lassa fever in the city and only way to keep these diseases under control is by keep the surrounding clean.

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