Quick 10-er To Add A Decade To Your Life

| Updated: April 26, 2022 1:44 pm

Kane Tanaka, the world’s oldest person, died in Japan aged 119, on April 19. Japan’s age demographics have been shifting and now the country has entered a “super-aged” society. Senior citizens aged 65 and above account for more than 28 percent of its population. We are quick to attribute good eating habits and exercise as keys to ageing gracefully. But what about the never losing the competitive spirit? A healthy rivalry, whether against a near-aged competitor or your younger self, combined with the hope of achievement, seem to play an important part.

That’s the case for Yuichiro Miura. At 86, alpinist and professional skier Miura, is another senior citizen who has celebrity-like status both in and out of Japan. Then there is Mieko Nagaoka who attempted to set the world’s first record in the 50m backstroke in the 105-109 age group in 2019. Or, 90-year-old “Insta-gran” Kimiko Nishimoto who has over 220,000 Instagram followers!! Japan has some superstars among the “super-aged”, that are helping to take away the stigma of age.

Vo! pitches a quick “10-er” to add a decade to your longevity:

1) Add purpose and routine to your life: Live each day to the fullest and be engaged in physical work of some kind. Exercise is a must but helping in chores has instant gratification kickbacks. A happy and content heart is a healthy heart. Do not give up saying you are old!!

2) De-Stress and De-clutter Your Mind and Space: The Japanese are big believers in minimalist living. Too many things also mean too much effort into looking after them. Basics keep your living-scape light and help with that breezy feel. Likewise, declutter your mind and heart of negative vibes, unforgiving attitudes and judgements. Remember, nursing woes will affect within. Not what has caused the hurt to you out!

3) Chuck the Package, Go In for the Real: Packaged food comes loaded with preservatives that do little good. Instead, the chemcials interfere with the natural workings of the metabolism. Avoid pre-made meals, readymade soup powders and insta-masala mixes. Go in for whole grains, nuts, seeds, plenty of salads and seasonal fresh fruits. As celebrity nutrionist Rujuta Diwekar also endorses, “the cheaper the better.” Local fresh fruits are far better than expensive and non-native “super foods” like a kale or avocado.

4) Limit Red Meat Intake: Fish and eggs, chicken and lean meat are beneficial when it comes to amino building blocks. Plus, these come minus the cholesterol and unhealthy fat loaded in red meat. Nutritionists advocate five servings of red meat per week for the 40 + age group.

5) Intermittent Fasting Helps: Eating is a complex process and works on the digestive system. Intermittent fasting for close to 12 hours daily helps with a reset. So, while dinner should be done by 8 pm, nothing should be consumed before 8 am. Water is recommended to flush out the toxins. Do not over eat any meal. Not only will it lead to bloating and gas, it weighs down the digestive system.

6) Walk, walk, walk: Just “walk it out” if “work it out” is not happening. If your office is round the corner, walk it. If it is a small grocery jaunt, walk it. Walking keeps the sugar and pressure levels in check.  Not only does one lose the extra kilos, walking is the best way to ensure movement of muscles, bones and sensory perceptions. We see, hear, look as much on a walk and these help with keeping the senses active and going. If early morning walks are your thing, think of it as an oxy boost for the entire system!! Keep it up.

7) Soak in the Sun: Not only for its rich Vit D content, sunlight is a mood enhancer. It literally drives away the blues. Remember feeling down is not just a psychological thing, it is connected to your physiological hormones. Sunlight works on synthesising Vit C, which in turn repairs and renews damaged cells, which in turn regulates production of the happy hormone “serotonin.” However, the morning sun is advised as much as the noon sun should be avoided for its harmful UV content.

8) Pick up a hobby:  Gardening is therapeutic, reading is intellectual, film binge watching is entertaining and socialising with friends has holistic benefits!! These are high Happy Quotient activities and lead to a peaceful mind.

9) Work in Tandem With the Sun: It is not called bio-rhythm for nothing. Nature works according to light and dark and man is very much a part of the scheme. Staying up nights and sleeping during the day damages the circadian clock. Eat smaller meals at regular times. Do not mess up with routine because it all goes in where your digestive juices are already working according to a certain pattern.

10) Live and Let Live: This comes from ancient Indian wisdom, Do not try to control what is not yours or not in your control. Instead, plan each day. Being in a constant state of guilt for not being able to accomplish comes from trying to bite off more than you can chew. Be realistic with your potential and enjoy the day as it unfolds.

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