Hardik Patel ‘Fed Up To The Back Teeth’ With Congress Party

| Updated: May 17, 2022 7:48 pm

The Gujarat Congress Working President, Hardik Patel, is upset with his political affiliation. However, the reasons behind his distance from the Congress party are under speculation. After the Patidar Reservation Movement, Hardik Patel joined the Congress with Rahul Gandhi holding his back on March 12, 2019. 

Not only this, but Patel is also the youngest acting President of the Gujarat Congress. He may have joined the party in 2019, but he has proved to be a sharp weapon for the INC in the 2015 local polls and 2017 Assembly elections. However, Patel has a different tale to narrate as he gives reasons for his detachment from his party. 

Viramgam Assembly Seat

Some senior leaders of the Congress Party believe that Hardik Patel has become an eligible candidate for elections. After crossing the required age limit and receiving a green flag from the Supreme Court to contest in elections, the young lad desires the Viramgam seat. Without any iota of doubt, Patel connects with the ground and caste realities of Viramgam. Ideally, Viramgam can kickstart Patel’s political journey as Congress holds a healthy position in the town with two consecutive victories.

However, Hardik’s peers and competitors in Viramgam aren’t brittle. The current MLA, Lakha Bharwad, is a close connection between Bharat Singh Solanki and an economic management specialist. On the other hand, the Gujarat Congress has been pushing Hardik to fight his battle from weak and unknown grounds of Varachha in Mehsana or Surat. 

Inclusion Of ‘His People’

Even though Patel became a part of Congress, the Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) did not welcome his supporters. Not only this, but the party did not include them in the district President’s appointment consultation process. Hardik’s primary demand is his supporters’ inclusion in the GPCC. 

Lakha Bharwad, Viramgam MLA

Equity in Decision Making

Earlier, Team VOI reported that Raghu Sharma and Jagdish Thakor took most party decisions in Gujarat. The youth leader, Patel, has sung blues about not holding equity in decision-making. In addition to this, he also demands to become the Executive Head of the Gujarat Congress. 

Troublemaking Pending Cases

The cases registered against Hardik, including the sedition case, are driving him bonkers. The withdrawal of one of the cases was a relief to him. Even though the issues are not a hindrance in contesting elections, they are, as a matter of fact, court cases. 

Future In The Hands Of Gandhi

According to Naresh Patel, Hardik’s future depends on his next meeting with Rahul Gandhi on Thursday. Patel might play the next election innings if he gets a green flag from Rahul during the meet. “Otherwise, he is ready for a new role,” Naresh Patel added.

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