Honeytrap Case: Eight Accused Including Geeta Pathan Acquitted

| Updated: May 18, 2022 9:10 pm

The Metropolitan Court has acquitted eight people in the Ahmedabad honeytrap case. They include Geeta Pathan, former PI of the women’s crime branch, and JK Bharmbhatt, PSI. Geeta Pathan’s eyes started watering on the arrival of the verdict. On March 20, 2021, the victim complained to West Women’s Police Station and the Ahmedabad Crime Branch.

No Hard Evidence Says Defence Counsel

The prosecutor accused Pathan of embezzling lakhs of rupees from her to settle the case. According to the report, the prosecutor also mentioned four other people with Pathan. The Metropolitan Court heard the case on Wednesday, May 18. Chandrashekhar Gupta, the defence counsel, said, “The crucial witnesses, including the complainant, did not appear in public before the court session. Also. the victim has not made a statement from the prosecution in the court case. Moreover, the evidence presented by the prosecutor is not sufficient to prove the allegations. Thus, the court heard the case, took note of the matter, and acquitted the accused.” The defence counsel claimed that the amount breached was also not found with Pathan. 

As the rumours of a partnership between the honeytrap gang and the police department came to light, it became grist for the gossip mill. The application mentions the gang extorted around eight lakh rupees from the builder with the help of the police. In the complaint, the trader has levelled grave allegations against Geeta Pathan. As per the prosecutors, the blackmailers have connections with the PI, East Mahila Police Station, and her team. 

Earlier, the Crime Branch arrested the accused based on the statements made by the traders. The traders asserted, “the gang and police have  conspired to frame us in a false misdemeanour case.” In the CBI probe, PI Geeta Pathan was a primary suspect.

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