India’s First Automatic Vehicle Fitness Testing Station In Gujarat

| Updated: February 18, 2023 3:40 pm

The country’s first automatic vehicle fitness testing was inaugurated in Gujarat on Saturday by Minister of State for Home, Sports and Transport Harsh Sanghvi, Minister of Forest Environment Mukesh Patel and Minister of State for Education Praful Pansheriya at NE-48.

Harsh Sanghvi, Minister of State for Home, stated on this occasion that the construction of automatic vehicle fitness testing stations with public participation marks the start of a significant change in the country’s vehicle sector. The Ministry of Road and Transport, Central Government, has announced an automated fitness management system and a scrapping policy.

 The Gujarat government, the first in the country to have an automated fitness management system and scrap policy through a public-private partnership, gave preliminary approval to fitness stations and scrap yards under this policy a year ago. This testing station, built in collaboration with the state government by BND Energy Company, will now allow for quick, proper, and accurate vehicle fitness testing.

The Home Minister said that along with the economic development of the state, there has been a significant increase in the number of vehicles. Currently, 2.21 crore vehicles are registered in the state. The state government is moving fast in the direction of making vehicle licenses and many vehicle-related arrangements online instead of physically.

The minister further said that when private and commercial vehicles are involved in freight transportation, if the fitness test of the vehicle is not done properly then it is dangerous for the driver, if the driver loses his life then the future of the whole family is dark. It happens. That’s why the state government is taking full care of the safety of drivers and their families.

On this occasion, Minister of State for Education Praful Pansheriya said that like the fitness of the human body and mind, it is necessary to check the fitness of the vehicle at the right time. Because when there is an accident with a vehicle like a bus, or truck, then the lives of 50 people sitting in it are in danger. Vehicle rules determine the vehicle’s capacity, speed, test, and brake system, and vehicles without capacity cause accidents, saying that if the fitness of the vehicle is done at the right time, accidents will stop, as well as all the citizens of the government Emphasis on following the rules.

Significantly, 20 fitness stations are to be set up in the state. 20 fitness stations will be operational by July 2023. A total of 100 fitness stations including 80 will be built by this company in different states of India.

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