Kerala To Adopt Gujarat Dashboard E-Governance Mechanism

| Updated: April 28, 2022 7:41 pm

During the tenure of Vijay Rupani, the ex-Chief Minister implemented a new ‘Gujarat Dashboard System‘ for e-governance. Now, the Chief Secretary of Kerala, IAS V P Joy and his team are in Gujarat for a 3-day visit, specifically to study the dashboard system in detail.

In the letter addressed to IAS Pankaj Kumar, the Chief Secretary of Gujarat, V P Joy, mentioned that the Kerala government would like to visit Gujarat as advised by PM Modi to the CM of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan to ‘understand the details of the same (dashboard system) for possible implementation in Kerala’.

Kerala BJP state chief K Surendran told VoI, “Communist party has no other option available right now to develop systematic governance. Hence, they have to adopt the Gujarat model of governance.”

The Gujarat Dashboard was systematized with technical assistance from the National Informatics Centre (NIC) in 2018 when Vijay Rupani was the chief minister.

In the recent last meeting with PM Narendra Modi and CM Pinarayi Vijayan, PM indicated that the dashboard system in Gujarat was an innovative tool in aiding governance.  

A Gujarat Cadre Bureaucrat told VoI that the Dashboard Scheme is being formulated and implemented in Gujarat for the effective implementation of Government schemes.  There is a special mechanism for evaluating and coordinating the projects. The projects will be implemented under this system.  The objective of the scheme is to expedite the resolution of grievances of the general public and to make government officials more accountable.  “A two-member team had arrived in Gujarat to study whether the project can be implemented in Kerala.”

Notably, this decision comes two weeks after the Communist Party Of India Marxist (CPM)- led government concluded at its party congress in Kannur to take the Kerala model of development and governance across the country.

Speaking to VoI, newly sworn-in CPI(M) Rajya Sabha member AA Rahim from Kerala said, “Interstate relations are one of the ways to strengthen the federal structure of the constitution, this visit of Kerala government to Gujarat is to strengthen this process to study various governance mechanism.”

“As per the Public Affairs Index (PAI) 2021 Kerala was as the best governed in the country on various parameters,” he added.

Kerala is the number one state for e-governance as per the latest report released by National e-Governance Service Delivery Index Assessment (NeSDA). Gujarat is in the 8th position. Most of the states that have excelled in e-governance are governed by non-BJP governments. In Kerala e-governance is implemented through the National Informatics Center. But in Gujarat, it is being implemented by another agency.

Kerala Congress Loksabha MP Adoor Prakash said to VoI, “This exposes the secret alliance between CPM and BJP.” 

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