Music Composer Ricky Kej Wins Third Grammy Award

| Updated: February 6, 2023 11:36 am

Ricky Kej, a Bengaluru-based music composer, has received his third Grammy Award for the album “Divine Tides”. The drummer of the renowned British rock band The Police, Stewart Copeland, who worked with the US-born musician on the album, also received an award.

The pair won the gramophone award for the best immersive audio album at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards. For the same record last year, they received a Grammy in the best new age album category.

“Congrats Best Immersive Audio Album winner – ‘Divine Tides’ Eric Schilling, immersive mix engineer; @copelandmusic, @rickykej & Herbert Waltl, immersive producers (Stewart Copeland & Ricky Kej) #GRAMMYs,” announced the Recording Academy, the organisation behind Grammy Awards, on its official Twitter page.

The Chainsmokers (‘Memories… Do Not Open’), Jane Irabloom (‘Picturing The Invisible- Focus 1’), Nidarosdomens Jentekor & Trondeheimsolistene (‘Tuvahyun – Beatitudes for a Wounded World’), and Christina Aguilera were the other nominees in this category.

Nine songs make up the album “Divine Tides,” which tries to convey the idea that “each individual life plays a critical role in preserving the equilibrium that benefits all equally.”

For “Winds of Samsara,” Kej won his first Grammy in the category of best new age album in 2015. Copeland has collected five Grammy awards as a result of his work with The Police. This is his second honour with Kej as his partner.

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