Musk Challenges Twitter’s Claim of 5% Fake Accounts

| Updated: May 17, 2022 3:25 pm

Elon Musk, in reply to  tweet, said that the acquisition deal will not move ahead until he gets to see proof that Twitter has less than 5% of fake or spam accounts, as claimed by its CEO Parag Agrawal.

Earlier Agrawal had claimed that there were less than 5% of fake accounts on the social media platform. However, according to estimates fake accounts make up for at least, if not more, 20% of all the accounts on the platform.

Musk said that Agrawal has refused to show proof of his claims. He said the fake accounts could even be much higher than 20% in number. He was replying to a tweet that said that Musk might be seeking a better deal as $44 billion seems too expensive for a platform that has 20% fake or spam accounts.

In April this year, struck a deal to buy the 16-year-old micro-blogging social media platform, Twitter, for $44 billion cash. Although, it is said that the deal should be concluded this year, there have been many challenges in the way.

There is also a buzz that with Musk’s leadership, Twitter might be a changed place. The richest man in the world has constantly reiterated the need for free speech and not blocking certain people. He also wants to crack down on fake accounts and misuse of the platform. He has already said that while casual users can use the platform for free, government and commercial users might be charged a fee.

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