NGO Moves Delhi High Court Seeking Admissions Of Ukraine-Return Students In Indian Med Colleges

| Updated: March 13, 2022 9:16 am

The Delhi High Court has received a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) by a Delhi-based NGO urging to direct the government to allow and facilitate studies of the medical students, who have returned from war-torn Ukraine, in Indian colleges.

Alleging the authorities of taking no action after the representations made by it, the petitioner has said that at present, there are no norms and regulations to give admissions to the students returned from Ukraine in the domestic colleges, which can probably ruin their careers. To avoid this, the Indian government should allow these students to complete their studies at domestic medical colleges as an emergency and one-time measure.    

“Issue a direction to the Respondents (Centre and National Medical Commission) to take appropriate steps to enable and facilitate continuance of studies for Indian medical students in the medical colleges in India from the stage from which their studies in Ukraine have been disrupted on account of the war,” read the petition.

The petitioner has mentioned its demand in the petition to be in consonance with Article 21 – Right to Life of the Indian constitution, which guarantees the right to life, equity, justice and fair play.

“Right to Life under Article 21 which should mean and include the right to access and continuance to medical education in India by students of India who are forced to leave their medical education abroad due to present scenario,” the petition mentioned.

The petition is filed by Pravasi Legal Cell and is likely to be listed for the hearing in the High Court on March 21.

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