Unlike BJP, Congress Wants One India – Rahul Gandhi In Dahod

| Updated: May 11, 2022 11:09 am

Rahul Gandhi, the face of Congress, launched the Adivasi Adhikar Satyagrah Campaign in Dahod, Gujarat on Tuesday. He slammed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and PM Modi multiple times during his speech. According to Gandhi, the BJP is responsible for the creasing economic disparity between the rich and the poor.

Gandhi claimed that the BJP-led government helped the rich accumulate more wealth and made no contributions to uplifting the poor of Gujarat. He added that the poor, Dalits, and tribals in Gujarat faced nothing but ignorance at the hands of the BJP government. Rahul Gandhi warned the crowd about their future and said that the BJP might sell it to two-three industrialists.

Gujarat leaders Hardik Patel and Jignesh Mewani shared the dais with the Congress head. Gandhi, who was in Dahod for the start of the Adivasi Satyagraha, met with Congress MLAs from Gujarat’s tribal seats and other tribal leaders to discuss the party’s impending strategy. There are 27 seats reserved for the tribal belt and 13 seats for Schedule Castes that will be targeted under the Satyagrah.

Gandhi Slams BJP For Injustice

The Congress leader attacked the BJP constantly. He mentioned the fallacies of the ruling party and accused them of snatching rights from the poor. Gandhi invoked Birsa Munda and moved to Jignesh Mewani on the podium. He implored the youth to take encouragement from the Vadgam MLA and join the Satyagraha to protect “your future from being auctioned off.”

He admired Mewani for his fearless fights against BJP. In his speech, he said, “Gujarat is the only state where a protest requires permission. The court sentenced him to three months in prison for protesting without authorization, but I know him. You could throw him in jail for ten years, and nothing would change. Gujarat tribal youth should realize that we need a new Gujarat.”

Gandhi blamed the party in power for stealing the thriving lands of tribal people. He also mentioned the Tapi River Link Project, which has continuously faced resistance from the tribals. The tribal communities claim that they deprive of necessities like clean water, electricity, and employment under the BJP government.

Rahul Convinces The Tribals To Vote For INC

Insisting that Congress is with the tribals, the underprivileged, and other backward classes, Gandhi said, “I have not come here to make fake promises or talk big. I came to guarantee that if our government comes to power, we will give you back all your rights. The rights that the Gujarat BJP government has snatched away from you to please industrialists. Unlike BJP, Congress wants one India, where every person, no matter the religion, caste or class gets their rights.”

Gandhi also talked about the ‘Demonetization’ that BJP-government undertook. He said that the government bragged about how this action would derail corruption and shed light on all the hidden black money. Nevertheless, poor people only suffered further, and the rich only benefitted.

Gandhi said that the people of Gujarat feel scared and helpless due to the atrocities of the BJP. However, he claimed that Congress must change that if it comes into power. He said, “We will ensure that the BJP government in Gujarat listens to your voice, your woes. Of your rights being snatched away, of your unemployment. Congress will amplify your voice.”

Talking of the devastation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Rahul Gandhi insisted that 50 to 60 lakh people died during the period, but the central government rigged the statistics. He said that the BJP always mocked the MGNREGA scheme, but during Covid, this scheme helped innumerable people survive in tough times. “Imagine what would have happened if Manrega was not functional when Covid happened?” he questioned.

Gandhi also talked about BJP’s privatization penchant leading to only the business class getting the profits. “Forget employment, BJP government in Gujarat is closing down government colleges and handing them over to private players. Every brick in Gujarat has an Adivasi touch to it. You have made Gujarat’s roads, buildings, and infrastructure. What did you get?” He asked the tribals, asserting, “I promise you that like Chhatisgarh and Rajasthan, we will set up government medical colleges and hospitals. We will not sell it to private players.“

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