Valentine Day Special Tarot Guidance – For All Zodiac Signs By Radhika Rai

| Updated: February 13, 2023 1:23 pm


You experience a perfect balance and alignment in your mind, body and spirit during this time. You are divinely guided to make the choices that are for your highest good. You have the ability to bring harmony and peace in any situation, any relationship. You are gentle and calm when it comes to decisions of the heart. The sun off hopes and optimism drive your actions and you feel truly blessed in life. Keep your balanced approach and you shall experience all things bright and beautiful.


You might be feeling stuck during this time. Surrounded by overwhelming thoughts you feel blinded by your logical thoughts. You are trying to find reasons for all that has happened in your life. This could frustrate you and lead you no where. Your mind is closed and hence you feel tired of even trying to make things work. This is the time you work on creating healthy mental boundaries. Choose your battles wisely. Not everything or everyone is worth fighting for. 

This could be time that seems like a self fulfilling prophecy. Work on clearing your mind and finding a way to rise above your limiting beliefs.


You would feel the need to leave everything behind and go in solitude. You have all it takes to build a healthy emotional life. But illusion in your mind is not allowing you to settle. You are constantly seeking something beyond of what you already have. You want to experience the warmth of the sun and calmness of the moon at the same time. Unable to handle your emotions well you need a break from all that is happening. Go on a solo trip and discover yourself all over again. The cards are asking you to spend some time yourself to find the answers that you are searching outside.


You are a person of dignity and honour. You are highly intuitive and knowledgeable. You have balanced your light and shadow self very well. This could be a time to reap the fruits of what you have sown. If you are likely to choose a partner, base the decision solely on your inner guidance. Go by your instincts. You may be very sensitive and highly emotional but you carry your persona with utmost grace. You might be interested in occult science and may be willing to explore more in this area as a hobby or interest. 


Someone new has either entered your life or is about to. Someone who is logical in his/her approach. This fresh new start will bring some sweet surprises. You may receive gifts, flowers, chocolates every now and then. This is their way of expressing how they feel for you. This new encounter seems like a happy space for you. But either you or your partner might not be putting their foot firmly and making a choice. They are still exploring the possibilities and contemplating on their choices. This is fair as it is just a beginning.


Are you feeling stuck in an unhealthy relationship? Bonded by addiction and not love? You seem to be trapped in a toxic relationship. The tarot encourages you to step up for yourself and break the bond. This is not a healthy space for you or your partner. Codependency, constantly seeking approvals, distrust, silent treatment, possessiveness, passive aggression, guilt tripping, gaslighting or love bombing, if you are experiencing any of these, it’s time you step into your power and take the necessary steps for a life you truly deserve. 


Are you living in a victim state most of the time. Thinking why do all bad things happen to me? Victim mindset would devoid you from seeing good in situation. You may be habituated if seeing the glass half empty all the time. Shift your perspective, change your beliefs and you will notice that your life is transforming for good. 

The most important step you can start immediately is by counting your blessings. There is always something to be grateful for. Remember, God helps those who help themselves. 


You may be feeling deceived or cheated or you may be the one who is breaking the trust of the ones who believed you. Remember, you always reap what you sow. Even if people do not know what is going on in your mind, you know! If your thoughts are not healthy for yourself and others, it is going to have adverse effects. Watch your thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality. Positive thinking is a amalgamation of value creating happy thoughts for self and others. We can not truly become happy by thinking ill about others. Avoid blaming others or unnecessary gossiping at all times. 


Tarot you reminding you that you have all that it takes to create the life that you desire. You are blessed with all the resources. You can be the magician of your destiny. You just need to believe in your powers. You have the blessings of the universe. You have infinite potential to manifest your goals and desires. Create the life that you wish to create. Seek guidance from the Universe and keep yourself positively grounded. Listen to your inner voice and follow your heart’s desire. All you need to do now is take action towards what you wish to manifest. 


Tarot is asking you to bring an end to all that no longer serves you. It could be the end of a toxic relationship, any addiction, your victim mindset or your disempowering beliefs. Remember every end is a new beginning too. You need to take necessary decision that helps you to let go of what is not working for your highest good. Seek guidance from someone you trust and move ahead. Nothing is permanent, not even our worries and problems. Tarot is asking you to align yourself with your long term vision and allow yourself to release what is causing obstruction in your path. Rigidity of holding on to something or someone can cause inner chaos. So be open to release the old and make way for the new.


Time to bring in some new emotional shifts. Observe your thoughts and become aware of your emotions. What is the newness that you can bring to create some fun in life. There is a possibility of someone coming in your life who offers a fresh waves of emotions. Someone who is fun, loving, understanding and easy to be with. This could also be a reminder that you imbibe these qualities in yourself to attract a partner that you desire. Wear your intuitive hat and let your inner wisdom guide you. Look into your emotional life with a fresh new perspective. Take actions that elevate your mood and adds value to your relationships. 


The card is suggesting that you are partnered with someone or going to be partnered with someone who shares a similar vision as you. You both look at the world with a similar perspective. Your dreams and desires are aligned. You vibe at similar frequency. You both would be happy travelling together and creating wonderful memories. In your relationship one seems to be taking the lead and the other supporting their actions at all steps. This is a beautiful chemistry of working as a team and accomplishing all your goals together. Overseas travel could be a possibility for you. You would get all that you want working in unison towards your goal.

Radhika is the Founder of Circle of Hope that is an online community that imparts Hope and Healing to the world. She is the Co-Founder of Gaia The Portal, a platform that serves as a one-stop solution for Holistic Wellness

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