Ahmedabad Temp Likely To Hover At 43 Degrees Celsius Today; Know Hottest Cities Of India Reported On Wednesday

| Updated: May 19, 2022 8:03 am

According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Ahmedabad was reported to be the third hottest place in Gujarat on Wednesday, which followed Rajkot, the city with the highest temperature and Surendranagar with the second-highest.

Ahmedabad experienced a maximum of 42.4 Degrees Celsius and a minimum of 28 Degrees Celsius, which were equal to and near to the normal temperature respectively in the city. Whereas the hottest place in the state – Rajkot reported a maximum of 43 Degrees Celsius and was followed by Surendranagar at 42.8 Degrees Celsius on Wednesday.

The maximum temperature in Ahmedabad on Wednesday is expected to hover around 43 Degrees Celsius. For the next three days after today, the maximum temperature is likely to remain similar and thereafter a fall of two to three degrees is expected during the subsequent two days in the city, said the IMD in its statement.

Apart from Gujarat, many parts of India are experiencing high temperatures this season. Around 11 cities in the country were reeling between 44 Degrees Celsius and 45 Degrees Celsius of maximum temperature on Wednesday. Uttar Pradesh’s Banda was reported to be the hottest place in the country with a maximum of 46.2 Degrees Celsius temperature. Banda was followed by Jhansi at 45.4 Degrees Celsius, Prayagraj in UP and Pilani in Rajasthan at 45.2 Degrees Celsius and Madhya Pradesh’s Nowgong along with Churu in Rajasthan at 45 Degrees Celsius.  

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