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Zuckerberg Loses $6 Billion in hours after Facebook servers were down

October 10, 2021 13:15

Down servers and a whistle-blower and managed to plummet 4.9% value in the stocks of social media giant Facebook. Since mid-September, the total drop is of about 15%. Personal wealth of Mark Zuckerberg fell by more than $7 billion in a few hours and brought him down at No 5 after Bill Gates on Bloomberg […]

Faith Leaders Along With Pope Appeal Nations At Climate Meeting To Focus On Environmental Goals

October 10, 2021 13:16

Religious leaders around the globe, along with Pope Francis, met on Monday at the Vatican to focus on environmental target goals achieved at the upcoming Conference of Parties (CoP) in Glasgow. The upcoming summit will take place from October 31 to November 12, hosted by the UK in partnership with Italy to mobilise stronger and […]

David Julius, Ardem Patapoutian Win 2021 Medicine Nobel Prize

October 4, 2021 17:14

The year 2021’s Nobel Prize for Medicine was jointly awarded to David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian from the United States of America, “for their discoveries of receptors for temperature and touch.” It was noted, “Intensive ongoing research originating from 2021’s Nobel Prize awarded discoveries focuses on elucidating their functions in a variety of physiological processes. […]

Madagascar Celebrates Gandhiji’s 152nd Birth Anniversary

October 2, 2021 17:32

Madagascar – the world’s second-largest island located in Africa, was seen celebrating the 152nd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi by the Embassy of India on October 2 in Antananarivo (capital of Madagascar). It was attended by members of different Indian communities in Madagascar including Hindus, Khojas, Ismailis, Bohras, etc. The event took off with remarks […]

Veteran Pakistani Comedian Umer Sharif Passes Away In Germany

October 2, 2021 17:18

Pakistani comedian Umer Sharif passed away in Germany at 66 years of age. He was boarded in an air ambulance on September 28 for treatment at a hospital in the US.  His condition deteriorated on the way and he was admitted to a hospital in Germany during a stopover. He had been fighting for his […]

India “Reciprocates”: 10-Day Quarantine, RT-PCR Mandatory For UK Visitors

October 1, 2021 19:32

The United Kingdom (UK) government faced immense backlash over their refusal to recognise citizens as vaccinated unless they received their jabs from a few selected countries only. This move was termed as discriminatory and even “colonialist” by everyone around the world. In a twist, British citizens visiting India from Monday, October 4, 2021, will undergo […]

One Big Megacomet Is Approaching Our Solar System

October 6, 2021 12:31

Comets are not like little stars with a bit of tail that they look like from down here on Earth. An average-sized comet, which is essentially a cosmic snowball, is approximately 10 km in diameter. But there are a few exceptions to this rule, like the record-breaking Hale-Bopp, which was dubbed the ‘Great Comet’ back in […]

Pipe Dreams: Afghan Opium Trade Booms Despite Taliban Ban

September 30, 2021 07:47

Gujarat is the latest favourite spot of drugs mafias. Recently, 3,000 kilograms of banned narcotics — heroin, was seized by the Indian law enforcement agencies. The investigators estimated that the drugs seized are worth Rs 21,000 crore in the international market and were shipped from Afghanistan. Gujarat with 1600 km coastline – the largest coastline […]

US and India should join with other regional powers to deal with Taliban and help Afghan people – Noam Chomsky

September 29, 2021 10:37

BOSTON, 27 September: Prominent academic Noam Chomsky has urged the United States and India to engage with the Taliban, work towards overcoming differences with other regional powers, and help the Afghan people rather than blocking ”the best of the options that are available. He was speaking last Sunday at the tail end of a webinar […]

Scientists discover drug to reduce risk of diabetes

September 27, 2021 16:02

Some scientific discoveries are sometimes unexpected, mistakenly made, and prove to be beneficial nonetheless. For example, penicillin, an unexpected scientific discovery – the first antibiotic that has saved countless lives. Recently, while researchers at the University of Pennsylvania were researching a cure for diabetes, they suddenly discovered a new drug. Scientists have also discovered a […]

Life expectancy in England falls to its lowest level since 2011

September 27, 2021 15:00

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) this week reported on September 7 that the UK passed the grim total of more than 160,000 deaths because of Covid-19. As per the data published by Public Health England (PHE), the deaths were 1.4 times higher than expected between March 21, 2020, and July 2, 2021. The increase […]

Challenges in vaccination

September 24, 2021 20:12

Coronavirus or Covid-19 has been playing havoc with our lives for over a year and a half and has claimed the lives of more than 4.5 million people worldwide. Though it spread rapidly, affecting one country after another, it was not taken seriously, and not just the common man but heads of states also dismissed […]

Donald Trump sues Mary and The New York Times

September 23, 2021 18:48

Mary Trump who shot to fame with her bestselling 2020 book about Trump, Too Much And Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, and an outspoken critic of Donald Trump during his presidency and The New York Times reporters Suzanne Craig, David Barstow and Russ Buettner along with The New York […]

Uncle Sam’s “War on drugs”? Not quite!

September 23, 2021 11:29

The phrase “War on drugs” is in itself a drug given to the gullible American people and the world at large by successive American establishment. And to think, it is over 50 years since it is in use. Hypocrisy thy name is USA, Shakespeare in another era would have proclaimed and looking to the vast […]

International Flights: India to Canada direct flights resume

September 21, 2021 13:36

Finally a ray of good news dawns after long cold and dark covid nights as Canada has done away with requirement of RT-PCR report from a third country for the travellers from India.with resuming of direct flights to Canada, passengers are no longer required to make a halt at Serbia.First direct flight after this announcement […]

Fully vaccinated Indians can travel to the US from November

September 23, 2021 11:50

The United States announced that it plans to ease travel restrictions starting in November for international tourists including India. Only fully vaccinated visitors will be allowed in the United States to prevent the spread of Covid-19 from foreign nationals travelling internationally to the country. What does it mean for Indian tourists? The travel industry of […]

Here’s how these two tech giants Google and Facebook ferry internet across the world

September 20, 2021 15:48

A specialized vessel is required for laying underwater internet cable by plowing up to the height of a two-storey building for thousands of miles undersea.   Here’s how the tech giants, Google and Facebook are doing it.  Both Tech Giants invest in cable projects along with a consortium of other companies, Google has invested in nineteen […]

China’s Contemporary Amperex unveils sodium-ion battery

September 20, 2021 15:09

Companies, scientists are constantly looking for the winning play which is why there is no shortage of excitement for electric vehicle battery startups or multibillion-dollar investments in the industry. Although China is already moving ahead with one that isn’t dependent on a big, bold breakthrough with sodium-ion batteries. If done right, this technology would lead […]

Investors receive up to 5576 percent return on these seven cryptos

September 18, 2021 09:35

Cryptocurrency as an asset and its trade is not illegal but it is still considered an unregulated domain in India. Despite market volatility and legal ambiguity, many investors are attracted to investing in digital currencies. The rate of people investing in cryptocurrencies has been outgrowing internet users since 2018. In the last 24 hours, seven […]

EKAM World Peace Festival’s 4th edition announced

January 7, 2022 12:50

Naresh Parmar Ekam World Peace Festival has been celebrated in 100 countries for 3 years now with a single goal: To remind humanity of their own innate ability to live at peace. Today while announcing the 4th Edition of EKAM WORLD Peace Festival, the Ahmedabad (Gujarat) chapter of the launch had attendees meditating together and holding heartfelt intention towards nurturing […]