Dumped Lover Attacks Girl, Boyfriend

| Updated: March 21, 2022 3:57 pm

In a classic case of love turned sour, Mukesh Thakor stabbed his love interest’s current boyfriend and then almost slit her neck with the knife. However, timely intervention by the gathered crowd saved the duo.

Four years ago, Mukesh and the girl came into each other’s lives via Instagram. Soon, the respective families gave the go-ahead and the two got engaged. However, his addiction to liquor soon came to the fore and led to arguments. Almost fed up and on the verge of calling off the relationship, the girl then met Mukesh’s friend at a garba event during Navratri last year.

“The friend, Jagdish, and the girl got talking and soon, she broke up with Mukesh. However, the jilted lover was far from over and seeing the couple once again near his house on Saturday night, a bitter altercation ensued. In the heat of the moment, Mukesh stabbed Jagdish and held the girl at knife,” briefed the investigating officer.

Meanwhile, Jagdish is stated to be in critical condition while the police has nabbed the accuse Mukesh

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