Nimesh Patel Elected As President Of Builders’ Association Of India

| Updated: April 9, 2022 8:27 pm

On Saturday, the Builders’ Association of India elected Nimesh Patel as their new President. Currently, Nimesh Patel is the Chief Managing Director and the CEO of Maruti Infrastructure Ltd, a BSE-listed firm that specializes in infrastructure and real estate development.

Patel promises to take up the issues with the Prime Minister, said BAI in a statement on Saturday. The association wants the government to address issues such as the upsurge in the price of raw materials, a scarcity of unskilled labor, a requirement for regulatory authority, and industry status to construction work. 

According to Patel, a ‘Cement Regulatory Authority’ has to be set up under the lines of RERA for the realty sector. After taking over as the 51st President of BAI, Patel said that his primary priority will be to figure out how to handle the issues that the Indian construction sector is facing as a result of rapidly rising prices for all construction products.

In BAI’s eight-decade existence, this is the first time a person from Gujarat has been chosen, President. The BAI has also requested the government to create a ‘Unified Standard Contract Document,’ which would be adopted by all work authorities across the country, including local governments, state governments, and enterprises, to eliminate benchmark discrepancies.

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